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How small can plastic nozzles be punched? Laser drilling tells you!

There are many types of sprinklers. The common ones are stainless steel sprinklers, which are used in showers, and plastic sprinklers, which are used in spraying for some watering flowers. Plastic sprinklers are a common auxiliary tool on crops. The sprinkler head has played an important role as a spraying purpose. The pores of the nozzle are also very particular.

The pores of the nozzle are fine enough, and laser equipment can meet this characteristic well. Laser drilling uses a laser beam to form pores on the nozzle. The needs of fine holes can also be debugged and customized according to the needs of customers. Generally speaking, the minimum hole diameter of laser drilling can be as small as 0.001mm, and the desired hole diameter can be easily achieved without damaging the product.

Plastic sprinklers are widely used. Plastic sprinklers are also needed in some skin care products, such as skin care products such as moisturizing sprays. Manufacturers will also pay attention to bringing a good experience to customers while pursuing quality. The use of laser drilling can make the water mist sprayed out evenly in the later stage. It can be said that laser drilling technology is very suitable for all aspects of our lives.