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How to maintain the cosmetic pump head?

Cosmetics are generally bottled in a press-type design. When choosing cosmetics, check the quality of the cosmetic pump head. The high-quality pump head presses the cosmetics very smoothly. If the quality of the pump head is poor, the cosmetics are difficult to press out. Pay attention to the maintenance of cosmetic pump heads.

See if the pump is flexible

To check the quality of the cosmetic pump head, be sure to check that the pump pipeline and joints must be tight and there must be no looseness. Turn the pump by hand to see if the pump is flexible.

The lubricating oil should be replaced in time

Add bearing lubricating oil to the bearing body and carefully observe the oil level to ensure that it is at the center line of the oil mark. The lubricating oil should be replaced or refilled in time.

Check whether the pump head is pressed smoothly

Unscrew the water lead screw plug of the pump body, pour the lead slurry into it, and check whether the pump head is pressed smoothly.

Close the outlet pressure gauge and the gate valve of the outlet pipe for the cosmetic pump head, and close the inlet vacuum gauge at the same time. Check the quality of the cosmetic pump head, and do a good job of maintaining the pump head in time.

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