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Lotion pump, also known as push-type lotion pump

The lotion pump, also known as the push-type lotion pump, is a liquid dispenser that uses the principle of atmospheric balance to pump out the liquid in the bottle by pressing, and replenish the external atmosphere into the bottle.
The main performance indicators of the lotion pump: the number of air pressures, the pumping volume, the down pressure, the opening torque of the pressing head, the rebound speed, the water intake index, etc.
A typical lotion pump consists of: press head, braces, cylinder head, cylinder, piston rod, piston, piston head, spring, single valve, gasket, and hose. But not all lotion pumps must contain these parts, and some parts can be combined or replaced depending on specific performance requirements. And then derived lotion pumps of various structures. But the basic principle is roughly the same.
According to the product field of lotion pump application, it can be divided into: shampoo pump, shower milk pump, moisturizing lotion pump, essence lotion pump, sunscreen pump, BB cream pump, foundation pump, facial cleanser pump, hand soap pump, etc.;
According to the lock head, it can be divided into: guide block lock head, thread lock head, clip lock head, and no lock head.
According to the characteristics of the lotion pump, it can be divided into: external spring pump, plastic spring, anti-water lotion pump, high viscosity material pump, etc.