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Technological factors of plastic bottle cap weld line

The weld line of the plastic bottle cap is a line-like mark on the injection part. It is the case where the plastic melt flows in separate strands or there are more than one gate or the thickness changes when the part has holes and inserts. Flow encounters are caused by incomplete fusion at their interfaces.
Process factors:
(1) The temperature of the material tube or the hot runner is too low, and the melt plasticization is not complete. The temperature should be increased or the plasticizing time should be appropriately extended.
(2) The temperature of the mold is too low, which leads to the slowing down of the flow rate of the melt and the rapid cooling, and the two streams cannot be effectively fused when they meet.
(3) The wall thickness of the product is too thin, and it is difficult to fill the mold, which increases the temperature difference of the melt in the mold, and is prone to weld lines. At this time, the injection pressure can be appropriately increased or the barrel temperature can be increased.
(4) The injection speed is too slow, resulting in a relatively slow flow rate, and the melt in the excellent cavity is cooled faster. Material factor: The raw material has moisture, which is converted into gas during the injection process, which affects the fusion effect of the material flow. The raw material should be dried and moisture-proof.
Mold factor:
(1) The gate design is unreasonable, and the gate position should be avoided as far as possible around the inserts and holes. The gate where injection filling occurs should try to correct, migrate or add a stopper buffer, and try not to use or use as many gates as possible.
(2) The mold is trapped in gas, so that the gas in the cavity cannot be discharged. When the two streams converge, the fusion effect is affected.


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