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The perfume nozzle is broken, will the perfume smell dissipate?

The perfume nozzle is broken, will the perfume smell dissipate?
Perfume is a liquid that mixes essential oils, fixatives, and alcohol and ethyl acetate to give objects, usually the human body, a long-lasting and pleasing scent. Essential oils are obtained from flowers and plants, extracted by distillation or liposuction, and organic substances with aroma can also be used. Fixatives are used to bind together various spices, including balsam, ambergris, and secretions from the gas glands of civet cats and musk deer. The alcohol or ethyl acetate concentration depends on whether it is perfume, eau de toilette or cologne. The shelf life of perfume depends on the storage environment, a dark, cool place, can be stored for a long time, decades or even hundreds of years.
The perfume nozzle is broken, will the perfume smell dissipate?
You can put it in another spray bottle, preferably a glass spray bottle, because the plastic ones will spoil the scent of the perfume. Or buy a portable spray bottle dedicated to perfume online and pack it with you, which seems quite expensive. In addition to spraying, perfume can also be applied.
Dab a little perfume on your fingers and apply it to the main pulse areas, such as the wrists, behind the ears, on the back, or on the sides of the neck.


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