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What are the functions of cosmetic nozzles

Nowadays, the outer packaging design of cosmetics is becoming more and more user-friendly. In the past, the lids of cosmetics were screwed on with plastic, but now they are designed with nozzles. Then, let’s see what role the cosmetic nozzles have?
1. Cosmetic nozzles are products produced from environmentally friendly materials and can be recycled. Many cosmetic packaging can be recycled.
2. The design of the bottle mouth of cosmetics is more conducive to the shelf life of cosmetics, ensuring that the cosmetics inside will not deteriorate in a short time, and will not be polluted due to changes in the external environment, and the sealing performance of the entire cosmetics is better.
3. Cosmetic nozzles can better control the actual amount of extrusion during use, and will not worry about waste caused by extruding too much at one time.
4. The design of the cosmetic nozzle can ensure that the cosmetic is easy to carry with you. No matter where you go, you don't need to prepare a sample, because the bottle mouth is designed with the nozzle and will not spill out at will.
The above are the advantages of the design of cosmetic nozzles, which improve the external packaging of the bottle itself and are also easy to use.