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What are the pump heads according to the bottle body function?

For the various needs of cosmetics in the production, use, and transportation process, based on your requirements, my pursuit - that is, you only need to tell me your requirements, and leave the rest to me, I will According to your requirements to achieve the service purpose of the results you want, carefully create different manufacturing and requirements from a single packaging material factory, everything is based on reality, and it is always reasonable because it is tried by oneself. Yuanchang Plastic Products Co., Ltd. has its own product technology development center and its own workshop with the entire process. Its main products are: shampoo pump head, shower gel pump head, hand sanitizer pump head, detergent pump head, pump head of various cosmetics, etc.
According to the function of the bottle body, it is divided into: A pump head of a vacuum bottle, without a straw; B, the pump head of an ordinary bottle, requires a straw. 2. According to the function of the pump head, it is divided into: A lotion pump head (suitable for emulsion-like contents, such as lotion, shower gel, shampoo); B spray pump head (suitable for water-based contents, such as spray, toner) 3. Divided by appearance: A has a cover pump head, and the cover plays a protective role. (It is used for products with relatively small capacity); B has a coverless pump head, which has a special design and can be locked. The spray pump head will not flow out the contents due to squeezing, which plays a protective role and is easy to carry. cut costs. (Products with capacity comparison are preferred.)