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Why does the lotion pump not bounce back after pressing it?

In order to avoid this kind of situation, in the production process, we should first check whether the spring length is standard. The difference is a thousand miles away. The effect of the length on the piston cannot be ignored. If it is short, the return stroke of the piston will not be in place. The direct result is that after the pressing head is pressed down, the rebound cannot be recovered or the rebound is slow.
Secondly, check whether the thickness of the piston fits the body. During the movement of the piston, any gap will cause the inhalation to be weak, and the material will not be pressed by the head. Due to the nature of plastic expansion and contraction, a normal piston is very important to ensure the quality of the lotion pump.
Finally, let’s analyze the body. In view of the scalability of plastics, if the operation is not performed properly during injection molding, the insufficient injection will cut off a thin layer of the body, resulting in an uneven inner wall, which will inevitably leave behind during the stamping process of the piston. gaps, resulting in an inability to discharge.