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What to do if the pump head can't come out by pressing

What to do if the pump head can't come out by pressing
If we encounter the problem that the bottle cannot be pressed out, we can lay the product flat or upside down, so that the water emulsion inside is easier to squeeze out, or it may be that the pressing pump of the pressing bottle is damaged, and you can replace it with a new pressing port.
When we usually use the press bottle, we must be careful not to press it vigorously. After use, press the bottle as much as possible to restore it to its original state. It cannot be kept in a downward state for a long time. This will damage the spring and affect the service life of the press pump.
There are two main reasons why the liquid cannot be released from the press bottle. One is that the tube connected to the press pump is too short, and the skin care product is just used at the bottom. In this case, you can replace a longer tube or press the bottle. Pour the same skin care products into it. Another situation is that the pressing pump of the pressing bottle is broken, and the spring can be reinstalled. Of course, it can also be replaced with a new one.
Do not place the bottle at an angle or upside down when placing it on a daily basis, as this will affect the life of the bottle spring. If you need to carry the press bottle when traveling, you can put several layers of plastic wrap on the mouth of the press bottle so that it will not leak water even if it is placed flat.
There are a lot of things that can be packed in the press bottle, especially when you are traveling, you can pack a small amount of toner, lotion, facial cleanser, shampoo, shower gel, etc., which is convenient and easy to use. For daily use, you can put a small amount of toner in the press bottle, and it can be repaired in time in a dry environment and after the sun. It can be said that the press bottle is still very useful.